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Taking requests !This week only!


Request you’re imagines, you can tell me your name and I’ll just write it, but tell me about what ;) I am writing them the whole next week but then not so much because I’m going on a holiday with my family for week or two, so hurry up!!!

Can I have a Neymar imagine? My name is Amy, And can it be about how we first meet, and “fall in love” please? xxx

Request, Request, Request!

Hi there! My ask box is open and hungry… Request? 

Imagine/One shot:    (not dirty)

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•Tell me what you want it to be about

•With photos or not.

If there is any thing else, just ask! Our ask box is open waiting to receive mail!

I also do Blurbs and Ships in small quantities. If you have any questions, personal or not, ask them, I’ll answer all. (: 

Anonymous asked
do you have any tips for writing imagines ?

Only write when you are inspired. Write about what you like, in whatever style you prefer. Do not put yourself under pressure. Enjoy what you do, and don’t be afraid of writing anything! :)

Anonymous asked
hey I know you didn't come back that long ago and I don't want to put pressure on you but are you finishing the self harm ?

Yes, I will do the Zayn one tomorrow. And the others later in the week :)

Anonymous asked
Hey! I was wondering if you could give me a ship?! My name is Madison! I love food and Justin Timberlake! My cat and music are my everything! I love to write and draw! I'm a blondie like really super blonde, I have hazel eyes and I'm like 5'9ish. If I could I would travel all the time! I love seeing new places and trying new things. And I'm really outgoing. Sometimes. I've got to be comfortable around the person! But anyway that's about all, haha! Thanks loveXx

I ship you with Niall!

Why you love him:

He always makes you laugh. You can never be in a bad or sad mood for long with him around. He loves you with all his heart and does not hesitate to show it.

Where you go on Holiday:

Your cute couple moments:

What you do on lazy nights:

You’re a Model

He had never agreed with the fact you were a model. He didn’t like the way they wanted you to dress, he didn’t like the long hours you worked, he didn’t like your never satisfied boss, he never liked how the other girls always tried to do better then you. But he accepted the fact that it was your job, and you liked your job so.. Well, as long as you were happy, he was.

He hated you being a model. Espacialy for Victioria Secret. He hated the fact that other people, other men could look at you walk up and down, with barely anything on you. You were his, and only he could see you that way. Bit he knew you needed money. So he let you do it. You promised him it wouldn’t be for ever. So he patiently waited.

He never understood the purpose of modeling. He never understood why so many girls wanted to be a model, he nerver understood how you could walk in front of those people with those outfits and high heels. He could never understand what was fun in the job, nore how you got pleasure out of it. But when you said you were happy doing it, he let you. If you were happy, he was.

You always struggled with your wait. And Louis hated that. He didn’t agree with you being a model. At all. And he tried again and again to get you to stop. You kept telling him you wouldn’t do it for much longer. He let you do, but not without keeping a close eye on you.

You took his breth when you walked on that stage. He loved it and hated it. You were beautiful, but fragil. And he knew no matter how well he thought you did, your boss would always have some bad comment to say. And he knew that yet again tonight, he would have to confort you, and stop you crying, trying to convince you that you were perfect.

Anonymous asked
Can you please do a preference where you get saved from being attacked by a guy? Xx

Here you are! I changed it a little, but I think you’ll find it still suits what you asked for! Thanks for requesting. Enjoy! 


Preference -He saves/helpes you

Harry: (His p.o.v)
I don’t often take the train. To be honnest, I don’t like it. But today, I didn’t have much choice. I was waiting for my train to come. I must look ridiculous with my hat, scarf and sunglasses, but hey, I’m not in the mood for being Harry Styles from One Direction. Today, I’m just Harry. As I was sat on the bench, still waiting, I noticed a girl knelt down, looking for something in her handbag. Why do girls always need so much stuff in their bags?
Her Iphone, that was on the floor, kept buzzing, she flung her hand on it and it stopped. She took some papers out of her bag, and read them.
I man walked past me, knelt down by her, pushed her over, took her phone and ran away. By the time I got up from my seat, it was too late.
"YA FUCKING SONOFABITCH!" was all I yelled as he went off.
I made my way over to her. Took my sunglasses off. She was sitting on the ground, looking completely lost.
”- This is a great day. She said whilst I helped her up. She half smiled, but I could see in her eyes, all she wanted to do was cry. She looked exhausted.
I turned around to see my train just stopping, and people getting into it. I looked back at the girl, and noticed I still had my hand on her arm. Oh well, I’ll get the 8 o’clock train.
- Come with me, we’ll go to the phone shop, then I’ll buy you a coffee. Okay love?
She looked at me, suprised, but thankfull, and whispered a “Thank you”.
We left the station, walking side by side.
-I’m Harry by the way!
She smiled at me.
- And I’m (Y/N).

Louis: (Your P.O.V.)
God, How I hated these cold winter nights. Walking back from the pub where I worked was always horrible. My high heels tapped against the icy walkway as the cold wind blew through my hair. I could here foot steps behind me, but I didn’t bother looking at who it was. I coulf just about see my flat now, so I walked faster. The foot steps seemed to speed up as well, this time I turned around, only to be pushed against the wall that occupied one side of the side walk. I shrieked as my back hit the wall. I was pinned there by an alcohol stinking man. His breathing was rapid, and he kept gruntin whilst trying to unbutton my jeans. I was parelized by fear. All his wait was pushed against my body, as his rough hands were trying to get my jeans down. I started to cry, kick about, and scream, desperitaly trying to get away.
Suddenly the weight of this unknown person was off me. A boy punched him in the face.
”- Mate, I’m leaving you 10 seconds to get away, and if I ever see you again, you’re going to have your head smached okay?”
The drunk man hobbled away as fast as he could. Leaving me with the boy who saved me. I fell to the ground and hugged my knees. He came slowly towards me, I didn’t want to be scared of him, but I couldn’t help it. He must of guessed that. He took his jacket off, and covered me with it. He took his phone and phoned a certain “Liam”, whoever he is, and asked him to come with his car. The boy put the phone down, and came over by me.
”- I’m not going to hurt you okay? We’re going to bring you back to your house, and make sure you’re okay. I’m not leaving you alone here.”

Niall: (Your P.O.V.)
I was pushed for time. The shop would be closed in fifteen minutes and I had my weeks shopping to do. I grabbed a basket, and looked at my list. I rushed around, filling my basket.
I wasn’t paying much attention and bumped into somebody. I was about to excuse myself but I didn’t have time.
- I-I’m sorry!
No way in this world did I expect such a reaction. I was about to say something when a blond boy stood infront of the man.
”- Hey listen there mate, she said she was sorry alright? So leave her alone. And calm the fuck down okay?”
The blond boy turned around, took my arm, and led me away.
”- Thank you..
- You’re welcome love.”
I bought my shopping and accepted the boy’s invitation for a drink.

Liam: (His P.O.V.)
I was just having a run in the park when I heard some shouting. I could see a couple screaming at each over. I stopped running, walked instead. I know I shouldn’t, but I whas just intrigued. To be honnest, I couldn’t make out a word they were saying. She was crying, and he was just screaming at her. She covered her face with her hands 5 seconds, then put her hair back.
And before the last words even came out of her mouth, he slapped her. He slapped her, and walked away. Leaving her, on the ground.
I ran up to her. She jumped when she saw me, but I was quick to reasure her.
”- Are you okay? I asked.
-Yeah.. Yeah.. I will be. She smilled a bit, and rubbed her cheek. I’ll just be a bit red for a while!
- No this is serious, he shouldn’t of hit you!
She looked down. And that’s when I understood.
- It’s not the first time is it?
She shook her head. I was not going to let this girl go.

Zayn: (Outside P.O.V.)
He was never a big partyer. She was just out with friends. He had gone to the party to give it a try, she had gone to change her mind.
He rapidly found himself sitting outside, far from the loud music and drunk souls. Far from the slutty girls and drugs. He had found himself a peacefull spot, outside, in the cool night. He lit a fag and watched the stars. And that’s when he met her. (Y/N). She came running, and fell not far from him, crying, head in her hands. He was shocked to see such a pretty girl in that state. When she noticed him, she shot up, looking at him with terrofied eyes. He had no clue what was going on or what to do. He reasured her, told her he wanted no harm. She told him she had to go, and fast, before her drunk boyfriend, now ex boyfriend found her. But he incisted on not leaving her alone. He called a cab for both of them, and they never left each-others side.


Feedback would be nice, and, which was your favourite Point Of View?

I’m starting to write what has been requested. Keep on requesting if you want! x

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